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Quit W2 to go Full Time REI

It's the end of January and we are rocking and rolling with deals on our Jenn Buys 585 team.   Yes, 585 is our area code and even though we have now gone nationwide, we just kept the name the same.  It actually seems to help our marketing because people will constantly ask, "Do you buy in this area?"  

Our goal here at CF Playbook is to help you in your real estate investing journey.  Everyone starts some place and often times we don't know the next step to take.  That's what we are here for!! Tune in weekly to hear what is going on with our real estate team and give you some inspiration to go after your dreams and goals. 

You're here because you want something more in life. We share a ton of free content in hopes that it helps you develop your why.  A lot of people have the desire to go full time in REI, but how do you make that gigantic leap?  For us it was a bit forced due to the pandemic, but once we made that choice to never look back we couldn't be happier.  


Joe took this video Christmas eve, in hopes that he could shed some light (and motivation) when it comes to working towards leaving your W2 and going full in time in real estate investing, if that's your goal. 

He breaks it down to 3 main things:

1.  Make the time.

2.  Invest in yourself.

3. Take action.

Check out the video below to hear more!! Be sure to subscribe for weekly content.